Power Cube 2K Portable Solar Generator System

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The Power Cube is a new all in one system designed to power anything that you would usually plug into a regular pure-sinewave house AC outlet.

The system has an 80 amp AC battery charger for rapid recharging of the battery from AC power sources.

The AC input has an adjustable current limit setting to prevent the system from overloading the AC power source like smaller Gas Generator or AC lines that already have equipment running on them. 

The inverter has low power Search Mode settings to lower the overall standby inverter power consumption over time. It also has auto invert power off timer to prevent the inverter from running when no loads have been connected in 1-24 hours.

The system can act as a UPS power supply, so your devices never lose power when standard grid power goes down. 

There is a robust 90 amp / 1250w MPPT solar charge controller built in for rapid solar charging of the system. The system can be recharged from 0 to 100% full in just 2.5 hours with a large enough solar array. 

A digital battery monitor provides an accurate reading of the current battery capacity and how many hours and minutes until the battery will be empty based on the current load.

The system has detachable wheels on the bottom to make moving the system around easy on smooth surfaces.

This system can be used with large glass solar panels as well with our non-glass lightweight, portable folding solar panels. The glass solar panels have the lowest overall cost per watt but cost more to ship due to their weight.

You usually can get 1000w of the large glass solar panels delivered for approximately $1000. These glass panels can be as large as your front door, so they are not very portable but will work great for a home backup or basecamp style system setup.

Our 120w portable folding solar panels only weigh 5 pounds each and are the size of a large book, so they are very compact. Since the portable folding panels are so much smaller, they are easier and less expensive to ship.

Email or call us so we can discuss which solar panel option is best for your specific application. You are free to buy your own solar panels to use with the system. We can provide a custom solar panel connector cable for your particular solar panel arrangement.

This system has the following specs:

*2000w Continous / 4000w Surge Pure Sinewave AC Inverter
*80 Amp AC Battery Charger
*1100w MPPT Solar Charge Controller - 2.5 Hours to Bring Battery from 0% to 100% Full.
*12.8v LiFePo4 Battery - 3000 Cycle - 2.3 Kwh Capacity
*Digital Battery Monitor for Battery Status and Power Usage
*Digital Display for Inverter / Charger Displays AC Power in and Out.
*Variable Speed Cooling Fans - Runs Quiet.
*GFIC 20 Amp AC Power Outlet Receptacle. 
*Resettable Circuit Breakers for AC Input and AC Output.
*Dual 20 Amp Cigarette Lighter Outlets.
*220 Amp 12v Battery Terminals for powering 12v Accessories or Jumping Vehicles. 
*Housed in Military Grade Pelican Hard Case

Case weight is approx 110 pounds.

More pictures, video, specs to come shortly. 

Email us with questions: Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz

Or Call Ryan: 1-765-517-1210

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