200w Portable Solar Battery Charger Kit

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This is a 200 watt / 15 Amp portable waterproof solar battery charging kit that can be used to recharge all kinds of batteries with all kinds of different solar panels. 

This particular kit was designed to be plugged into a sail boat's cigarette lighter outlet which would recharge the battery on the sail boat via the power generated by portable solar panels while out on the Sea for a week. 

With this kit you can recharge your Car, Truck, Boat by plugging the kit into your cigarette lighter socket and then plugging in a solar panel to the solar input line, the charge controller kit maximizes the power output of the connected solar panel by a technology called MPPT (Multiple Power Point Tracking), MPPT can increase your solar panel harvest by 30% compared to systems that do not use MPPT.  

We can program the kit to charge just about any battery on the market. You can charge 12v and 24v batteries.

We can provide custom solar panel wiring to meet your specific needs upon request, just let us know what you want to accomplish. 

The kit is small, rugged, waterproof, and is very simple to use.

Here Is How You Use This Device:

#1. Attach the battery you want to charge via the Alligator Clamps or the Cigarette Lighter Adapter

#2. Attach a solar panel or solar panels to the solar input cable

#3. Leave the system alone and let it charge. Close the waterproof pelican case and leave it outside in the rain without worries. 

If disaster strikes or if a emergency situation happens and the power grid goes down this would allow you to recharge just about any battery you could find in a CAR, Truck, Boat, Lawn Mower, or Local Store. You can then use the charged battery to power 12v equipment or use a cheap inverter to turn that 12v battery power into regular 120v AC power. 

You need a solar panel to generate power from the sunlight which will be used to charge the battery you attach so look at ourPortable Solar Panelsand see if anything looks good to you.

If you need help choosing which panel is best for you then please contact us by clicking the "Questions" button on the left side of this screen or email us - Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz or call us @ 1-765-517-1210