Olive Drab LFP 40 Hybrid Portable Solar Generator System

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This is a 40 Amp Hour portable solar generator system that utilizes LiFePo4 battery technology which significantly reduces the system weight and increases the lifespan of the battery when compared to other systems which use other types of batteries, see the charts below for more detailed info on the benefits of LiFePo4 batteries.  

The reason we call this system a Hybrid system is because you can put the LFP 40 SlingPack inside the Olive Drab Green Pelican hard case to protect the system from outside weather and other elements that could cause hard to the electronics and other parts of the system. All the components fit inside the Pelican hard case so all parts are protected for rain, snow, sleet, hail, sun, sand, ect....

You can leave the LFP 40 Slingpack inside the hard case while you are charging the battery without any worries about the system getting ruined from bad weather or animals. Power is accessible from the outside of the case while the LFP 40 Slingpack is secured inside the case via 2 12v cigarette lighter adapter sockets which are able to supply 200 Watts or 15 Amps max between both outlets at any given time. If AC Power or more than 200w 12v DC power is needed then the case will need to be opened to access the 400w AC inverter. 

The Pelican hard case has a pull out heavy duty handle and rolling wheels so you can put the hard case upright at then pull out the handle and roll the case on just about any solid surface easily, much easier then carrying the system by the handles. More info about the exact Pelican case that is used with this system is available by clicking here

This is a perfect system for powering laptop computers, cellphones, LED lights, fans, TV's, Sat Phones, CPAP breathing machines, 12v Refrigerators and Freezers, Ham Radios, camera video equipment, photography cameras, emergency water filtration equipment, water pumps, and a endless list of other devices that are powered by AC or DC power. 

The latest and greatest technology for turning sunlight into electricity is being used in this system and they are briefly described below.

When it comes to solar charging we are using a MPPT - "Multiple Power Point Tracking" charge controller which ensures you are always harvesting the maximum amount of power from the solar panels at any given period of time. The solar charge controller constantly analyzes the attached solar panel and then adjust the voltage of the solar panel so the maximum amount of energy is harvested from the solar panels which can then be used to power devices directly or stored in the battery for later use. MPPT technology can increase daily solar harvest by 30% compared to a portable solar power system that does not implement MPPT on the attached solar panels. MPPT also allows this system to be hooked up to higher voltage solar arrays which allows us to use much longer wires between actual solar panels and the LFP 40 portable solar power system which is nice because you can put the solar panels in the ideal location for solar harvesting and have the actual sling pack close to the equipment that you are powering and out of any bad weather. 

The battery is one of the best available as far as portable solar power systems go because it provides so many benefits when compared to other battery technology which is used in systems being used in so many other systems. The main reasons LiFePo4 batteries are so much better than the most commonly used Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle Batteries or AGM batteries are listed below:

  • 60% Less Weight Compared to AGM Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Up To 10X Times More Discharge Cycles Compared to AGM Deep Cycle Batteries
  • 100-95% of Full Rated Capacity When Discharged At High Current Compared to 60% of an AGM Battery
  • They Will Not Ignite or Explode and Contain No Toxic Ingredients
  • When The System is OFF The Self Discharge Rate is 3% Per Month.

Next the 72w folding solar panels that are shown in the pictures below are made with UniSolar solar cells which are superior to other thin film solar cells when it comes to power output in high heat conditions in the summer, and the solar cells produce their rated output for more years than other folding solar panel options on the market. For more info on the UniSolar solar cells and the technology integrated into them click here.  The solar panels has the following specs:

  • UniSolar 8% Efficient Thin Film Solar Cells
  • 24V Voc / 18V Vmp
  • SAE Trailer Plug Power Output Plug
  • 4 Corner Eyelets to Stake Panel Securely To The Ground
  • Velcro Folding Flap Keeps Panel Closed during Transport
  • In Perfect Sunny Weather 1- 72w Solar Panel Can Recharge From Empty to Full in 7 Hours. Each additional solar panel cuts recharge time in half. 
  • Various Color Patterns Available Depending On What is Currently In Stock: (Black,Digital Camo,Jungle Camo,Olive Drab Green)
  • 72w Solar Panel Weighs 7 Pounds.

There is a 10A LiFePo4 Specific Battery Charger that plus into any 120 or 240v AC outlet and will recharge the LiFePo4 Battery from empty to full in 4.5 hours. Plug the charger into the wall, then plug the charger into the LFP 40 Portable Solar Generator and the charging process begins, then when the LED light on the AC charger turns Green the battery is 100% Full. This fits into the front pocket of the bag.

The DC to AC inverter capable of supplying 400 Watts of AC power continuously until the battery is empty. It has a digital LCD display that will constantly scroll and display the battery voltage and the amount of AC power being consumed over 80W, 0 is displayed from 0 to 80w. The inverter has a thermostatically controlled cooling fan that only runs the fan when the inverter gets warm and keeps the RPM of the fan low and quiet when the inverter is not powering large loads and remains cool. The inverter has high quality 8 AWG copper wire added to keep the inverter operating efficiently while powering large loads. The inverter will shut down when the battery voltage hits 11V DC and will not turn the AC output back on until the voltage rises above 12v DC from AC or Solar recharging.

12V DC Power can be accessed from this system by a cigarette lighter outlet adapter like you would find in your car or a 30 Amp Anderson Power Pole connector and you can pull 200 watts/15 Amps from this outlet. There is also a 12v outlet that is fused for 40 Amps/512 Watts, this is a 75A Anderson Power Pole Connector. This Same 75A Anderson Power Pole Connector is where the DC to AC inverter is plugged into and the 10A AC Battery Charger when you need to recharge the battery. 

When the battery is full the system has 40-45 Amp Hours or 512-576 Watt Hours and a easy way to figure out how long any device could be powered when plugged into a fully charged LFP 40 System is to figure out how many watts your device consumes at any given time and divide that number by the 512 or 576 Watt hours and that will give you the amount of time that your device could run off just the fully charged battery not including any incoming solar power that could be provided during sunlight hours. So a laptop that consumed 30 watts continuously would be calculated as follows: 30 Watts / 512 Watt Hours =  17 hours, the laptop would run for 17 hours straight off of 40 Amp Hours of battery power. 

The LED Light is a 12v 6 Watt LED light that can be used with this portable solar power system and is not included with this system but can be purchased separately upon request. The Laptop is also not included but is shown to show how easily you can power regular AC devices with the DC to AC inverter.

This system is custom built to order and can take 4-8 weeks before this system is ready to ship. If you need your order ASAP then please contact us to discuss urgent delivery options.

If you have any other questions about this particular system please click the "Questions" Tab on the left side of this screen and let us know what you want to know and we will be happy to get an answer to you ASAP.