LFP 40v3 Portable Solar Generator System - Custom for Josh C

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This is the custom payment page for Josh C.

This package includes the following items:

The LFP 40v3 portable solar generator system in Tan case : $2,595.00

3 x 120w portable folding Sunpower solar panels = $1,950.00
Total is $1,950 + $2,595 = $4,545.

FREE -  Fedex Ground Shipping.

The solar panels will be ready to ship in 3 weeks. LFP 40 Solar Generator Expected to ship in 14 days. If client prefers we can ship all items at the same time in 3 weeks.


Download the Flyer for The LFP 40v2 System - Click Here To Download

  • 40Ah / 512Wh - LiFePo4 Battery (Provides 45 Amp Hours on Light Loads)
  • 19.6 Pounds - This is the Lightest 40Ah LFP System Available Right Now.
  • 50 Amp Max Output @ 12.8v = 640w
  • 200w Solar Panel Input - MPPT Solar Tracking = 30% Increase in Solar Harvest
  • Victron Battery Monitor - Displays Accurate Battery Status Data
  • Extremely Water Resistant - Leave the system outside in the rain without worry!
  • Expandable - You can Add LFP 40 Battery Modules to Increase Battery Capacity as needed.
  • Automatic Low Voltage Disconnect - Never Worry About Over Draining Your Battery Again.
  • Automatic Solar Restarting after Low Voltage Disconnect - Wake up to a charging system.
  • Simple 1 Button ON/OFF/Reset Switch - Very Easy to Use
  • 800w Peak/640w Continuous 12v to 120v AC Inverter + Thermally Activated Cooling Fan
  • 3 or 6w Waterproof LED Light with Magnetic Flexi Tripod - Never get left in the dark!
  • 10 Amp AC Battery Charger - 5 Hour Recharge Time From 0 to 100% full
  • Maxpedition Malaga Gear Slinger Backpack holds AC Charger, Inverter, LED Light, and cables.
  • Your Choice of Solar Panels - 120w Glass Solar Panels or 62w Non Glass 3 Pound Panels


  • Case is a Pelican 1400 Case -  13.37" x 11.62" x 6.00" - 19.6 Pounds
  • Bag is a Maxpedition Malaga - Specs Here
  • System Color Options: Black, Desert Tan, Olive Drab Green, Grey, Yellow
  • Digital Desert Camouflage Color Pattern upon special request.

    More pictures, info, and videos coming soon.

    Please call or email us with any questions @ Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz Or Call Ryan 765-517-1210

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