LFP 180 Solar Survivor Portable Generator Kit

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Want a kick ass portable solar power generator system that will allow you to power just about everything you can normally plug into the wall AC outlet at your home or office? Want to be prepared for natural or man made disasters that could happen at any time? Do you want to be prepared for the upcoming solar flares that could disrupt or power grid for weeks, months, or even years as some experts are talking about? Would you like to ensure you have AC & 12v DC power everyday the sun shines regardless of what happens so you can have sufficient light at night, clean drinking and shower water, and a small super efficient 12v fridge/freezer to keep medical supplies good or keep precious foods around longer when its most important? 

If you want any of the above then this is the Portable Solar Power Generator Kit for you! We have provided our largest and most popular and powerful solar generator kit and packaged it up with key accessories that you would need in a disaster situation that lasted a short or long period of time. Please watch the video above for a demo of how this system can power your regular house hold items and how you can monitor exactly how much power you are producing from sunlight and how much power and time you have to power the devices you plug into this solar generator. 

This kit can be be recharged from 0% full to 100% full in approx 4-5 hours in good sunlight every single day which is enough power to keep the 12v fridge cold or frozen for 24 hours, the LED light burning all night long, and allow you to produce 120 gallons of fresh drinking water in just 1 hour from any non salt water source. You could also plug in your normal 120v AC appliances and power them also when needed, the digital battery monitor will tell you exactly how much power you have available and how much time you have until you empty the battery which is very handy.

This system is built using today's latest technology which makes this system one of the lightest, and energy dense portable solar power systems around which means this kit will be easier to move around and weighs hundreds of pounds less than alternative systems on the market using old deep cycle marine batteries. The LFP 180 battery module is the heaviest part of the system at 75 pounds which is manageable by just about any average sized person eliminating the need for 2 people get quickly setup the system quickly. 

We have been seeking out the most efficient accessories to use with our portable solar power generators for years now and finally we are about to offer the best of the best in one easy to purchase and setup solar power system kit. You can easily purchase this kit, and when you receive it you can choose to store it away until needed as a lot of people do or you can begin using it every day. 

We use the latest battery technology called LiFe or LFP batteries which have been around for about 5 years now and was initially used by people in the Electric Vehicle Market as a safe way to power the electric motors without the risk of using other more dangerous batteries that have been know to catch fire. Our LiFe batteries are made from 100% non toxic ingredients so they will cause no damage to the earth which is good. They have a life span of up to 10 years depending on how deeply you discharge them on average which is up to 10x's more life cycles than the old Lead Acid Batteries.

Our LiFe batteries are the lightest batteries currently available, they are actually 60% lighter than the old deep cycle marine batteries. And lastly they will not ignite or explode like other Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries are know to do which makes they our preferred choice since they present no danger to our clients. The cherry on top is that our LiFe batteries will provide you with 90-100% of the power you put into them during the day unlike Deep Cycle marine batteries that only provide you with 60% of their rated capacity when drained under high loads which means you get to use just about all the power you harvest from the sun everyday. We recommend you do not invest in any portable solar power system that is not using LiFe battery technology considering its superior to anything else currently available in our opinion.

This kit comes with 6 x 120w portable folding high efficiency portable solar panels that have built in tilting arms which allow you to angle the solar panels towards the sun to produce the most amount of power everyday. The built in tilting arms also allow you to adjust the angle as needed as the seasons change and the suns position in the sky changes. During the summer when the sun is directly overhead you can lay the solar panels flat on the ground. We also add 4 points on the corners of the solar panels that allow you to stake down the solar panel to prevent high winds from moving the solar panels when they are in the upright tilted position. 

The 120w Portable Folding solar panels are the most cost effective, powerful, and easily managed sized solar kit that we can offer to you since they are easily folded up, locked closed, and provide a nice handle to carry the panels from one location to another. Each 120w Folding solar panel weighs 30 pounds approx which is easily manageable by just about anybody. We can offer non glass portable solar panels which will weight less but they come at a much higher price because they are not mass produced like the 120w glass panels you see pictured with this kit. The solar panel kit we are offering here provides the best bang for your buck. Contact us if you would like other solar panel options. You can add additional solar panels also if want quicker recharge times.

The 12v to 120v AC inverter takes the 12v battery power and supplies you with 2 regular 120v AC outlets like you are used it in your house or office. The inverter can supply 2000 watts of power for 5 min's and then 1800 watts of AC power continuously until you completely drain your battery. The inverter supplies 120v Pure Sine Wave power which is just as clean or cleaner than the power that the power company supplies you now which is best for all sensitive electronic or medical equipment that you may plug in and power. Once you drain your battery the AC output will automatically turn off and wait for you to recharge the battery via Solar Power or the included AC battery Charger.

The system comes with a Solar Charge Controller case that has built in forced air cooling so you can operate the solar charge controller with the case closed which keeps the solar charge controller protected from the elements. The solar charge controller can handle up to 850 watts of solar input continuously. The solar charge controller uses MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) which simply means it uses a computer program to maximize the output of the solar panels under all weather and lighting conditions and this normally provides 30-40% more power at the end of a day over a system that does not use this MPPT tracking. The solar charge controller tells you exactly how much power you are producing via its digital LCD display and it logs weeks of past solar harvest for your review also.

The other benefit that MPPT gives us is the ability to place the solar panels further away from the main system which gives you more flexibility in where you place the panels and since you can put them further away from the main system that you will plug your AC devices into. Ideally you can place the solar panel array outside for maximum sunlight exposure and place the solar generator inside or in a covered area where you will be using the system as your power source. 

The 12v Fridge Freezer is one of the most efficient available, Click here for more info on this included 12v Fridge Freezer.

The 6w 12v waterproof rugged LED lights were built by us because everything else on the market was made of plastic and was not waterproof which means it was not built to last like we wanted it to. The plastic LED lights are cheaper but they began cracking on us with very little pressure or normal real world handling which is not good if you want your equipment to last as long as possible during a disaster situation that could last a very long time. Click here to get more info on the included 12v 6w waterproof LED light.

The 120 Gallon per day water purification system that is included with this kit has UV Light filtration built in which is key to killing all the bad bacteria and virus that could be present in fresh water sources like lakes, streams, ponds, pools, and other water sources. Water is key to surviving any disaster and with this kit you will be able to produce up to 120 gallons of drinking water every single hour which is amazing and would allow you to keep many people from dying from dehydration. If water becomes a commodity this water purification unit will make you one of the luckiest people on the earth. Click here for more information on this 12v portable water purification system that produces 120 Gallons of water per hour.

We also include a 12v fan that has 3 different speed settings so you can adjust the amount of air movement to keep you as cool as you want during hot weather. If its hot out your going to be really happy to have a fan that runs efficiently and produces enough air movement to actually keep you from over heating. Click here for more info on this 12v fan.

Lastly we want you to know we have been building these systems for the last 4 years and have shipped them all over the world and have never had a problem or issue with any of them which means we build them right from the beginning and we care about the finished look just as much as we care about using the best components we can find world wide. 

We understand a investment in this price range is substantial and want to give you more for your money than any other company out there selling systems that claim to do the same as what we are offering you here. If you have questions about this kit feel free to call the owner of the company Ryan Brown @ 765-517-1210 or email us at Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz

The built time for this system is approx 4-8 weeks depending on our current work load. Parts for this system come from all over the world so this is another reason the lead time is 4-8 weeks. If you need something quicker its possible just contact us to discuss rush order options.