LFP 180 Portable Solar Power Generator System V2

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This is the second version of our popular LFP 180 Portable Solar Power Generator System system. We reduced the number of Pelican hard cases from 3 to 2 which simplifies the system and setup process.

This system was designed for a Foreign Military project that required a system that could operate with both cases closed while outside without overheating in desert like areas. We achieved that goal by using automatic forced air cooling, so when the internal temperature gets hot fans turn on to cool the electronics so they stay operational without overheating.

First lets talk about the MCU "Master Control Unit"

This particular system is designed to supply Pure Sine-wave 220v AC Power to power regular equipment, in the USA we use 120v AC Power and this system is available in a 2000 Watt 120v AC Output Version also upon request. So this system is available in 220v or 120v AC Output Versions, just tell us what you need and we can make it happen. Also Pure Sine Wave output means the power is just as clean or cleaner than the power you receive from the power company, cheaper Modified Sinewave power is not as clean and can damage some equipment.

The MCU has a built in Solar Charge controller that can handle 800 Watts of solar panel input at any given time, and continuously. The Solar Charge Controller uses MPPT "Multiple Power Point Tracking" to monitor and maximize the output of the solar panels under all weather conditions which will net you 30% more harvest solar power at the end of the day vs. a system that does not use MPPT "Multiple Power Point Tracking Technology. MPPT is a must have technology and we use it in all of our systems because it increases power output from solar panels drastically from our testing. 

The description for this system is still being finished, watch the video for a complete overview of the system. 

Please contact us if you are interested in this system so we can discuss your options. You can contact us via Phone @ 765-517-1210, Email @ Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz, or by clicking the grey "Questions" Button on the left hand side of this webpage and submitting your info.