LFP 17 Portable Solar Power Generator System

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The LFP 17 Portable Solar Power Generator System was designed to take a beating and continue to work under severe conditions. The main system is housed in a waterproof heavy duty aluminum enclosure that has been powder coated black and then we laser engraved the logo into the case which will last the life of the system and will not fade or degrade over time.

This system uses the latest battery technology currently available which is LiFePo4 / LFP battery chemistry. The reasons its superior to anything else available is because of the following reasons:

  • 60% Lighter Then Lead Acid Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Up to 10 Times More Charge/Discharge Cycles
  • 95-100% Efficient At Delivering Stored Energy Under High Loads Vs. 60%. 
  • Made With Non Toxic Ingredients
  • Will Not Ignite, Explode When Under Pressure or Punctured
  • Very Low Monthly Self Discharge Rate While Not Being Used
  • Integrated Computer Chip Protects The Battery From Over-Under Discharge & Short Circuits.

This is a super light 5.5 pound 17 Amp Hour / 217 Watt Hour portable solar generator system that takes up to 140 watts of solar input and stores that power in the LiFePo4 Battery and then provides a regulated 12.8V DC output via a cigarette lighter socket that you can use to power your equipment. The 12.8v DC cigarette lighter outlet socket is the same type of outlet socket that you are used to using in your vehicle. Any equipment that you have that can plug into your vehicle you can also plug into the LFP 17 Solar Generator and it will operate as normal. This 12.8V output port has the following features:

  • 12.8V Regulated Output via a Regular Female Cigarette Lighter Socket
  • Protected By a Waterproof Resettable 16 Amp / 200w DC Breaker
  • Automatically Protected From Short Circuits
  • Automatically Shuts Output Off When Battery Is Empty

To figure out how long the LFP 17 Portable Solar Generator will run your equipment when fully charged just figure out the wattage of the device you want power and then divide that wattage into 217 which is the Watt Hour rating of the fully charged battery. So if your computer normally consumes 30 watts we would divide that by 30 watts / 217 watt hours = 7.23 Hours. If we were running one of our 6w LED lights we would take 6 Watts / 217 watt hours = 36 Hours. Its very simple to figure out how long you an expect your equipment to run off the battery if its fully charged.

The LFP 17 Solar Generator has a built in MPPT (Multiple Power Point Tracking) Solar Charge Controller that is able to constantly regulate 140 Watts of solar input at any given time or continuously. Multiple Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is a technology that constantly tracks the voltage of the connected solar panels and adjust the solar panels voltage so that the attached panels are generating the most amount of power as possible at any given time under all different types of weather conditions.

This MPPT solar tracking can provide up to 30% increase in daily solar harvest over cheaper systems that do not use this technology. Since we are using MPPT solar tracking we are able to use the LFP 17 Portable Solar Generator with many different types of panels with many different output voltages since the solar charge controller is able to convert output voltages of many different solar panels to the correct voltage to charge the 12.8v LiFePo4 battery.

To keep things simple you want a system that is using MPPT on the connected solar panels because it will provide maximum output from the connected solar panels and charge your battery faster. Systems that do not use MPPT limit the type of panels you can use with that particular system to a very narrow selection of panels. 

The main system can be submerged in water without problems, its really waterproof and that is something that your not going to find in the cheaper plastic options on the market. When you need to solar recharge this system you normally put the LFP 17 Solar Generator outside close to the solar panel and since its outside it's only a matter of time until it rains, snows, hails, ect... a system that is not waterproof will get soaked quickly and then the circuit boards inside other systems will fail and you will be left with a non working system. Even if your careful with leaving other equipment outside while charging its only a matter of time until it starts pouring rain unexpectedly and your equipment ends up ruined. With this system you have zero need to worry about the weather, even if the system ends up fully submerged your going to be fine and the system will continue working as normal.

When you want to charge the battery place it outside along with the solar panel and come get it when you need power or at the end of the day and use the power you harvested. Of course you can also use the system while you are charging via solar. If the solar panels are generating more power than you are using at any given time the excess generated power is stored in the 17Ah LiFePo4 Battery for later use. 

There is a LED indicator window on top of the solar generator that provides the current status of the system at all times. Here are the different indications that this LED indicator light can provide:

  • Flash .       .        .      No Solar Input  - 12v Output Available
  • Flash ....................... Low/Med Solar Input - Charging - 12v Output Available
  • Flash _  _  _  _  _  _  High Solar Input - Battery Charging - 12v Output Available
  • Solid ____________ Battery Fully Charged - 12v Output Available
  • RED _  _  _  _  _  _    Battery Empty - 12v Output Disconnect Warning - Recharge
  • NO FLASHING           Battery Empty - 12v Output Disconnected - Recharge

The system as pictured comes with a 75 Watt Hi Efficiency Folding Portable Solar Panel which is made with 17-18% Efficient Mono Crystalline solar cells which have a very long rated lifespan. Other types of folding solar panels on the market are made out of Thin Film solar cells that are 7-9% efficient and require double the surface area as the 17-18% efficient solar panel we are offering here. More data about this 75w solar panel is available HERE

We have included a 8 ft solar panel connector cord that allows you to connect the solar panel to the LFP 17 Solar Generator System to charge it. The 8ft Cord has two 2 pin SAE Trailer plugs on each end which makes connecting a simple process and eliminates the possibility connecting something backwards. 

We have also included a digital power meter which can be put inline with the 8ft solar panel connector cord to measure and display the exact amount of power that the solar panels have produced over the course of the day. The meter will display real time the power that the solar panel is producing and putting in to the LFP 17 solar generator. The Meter will also total up this data and record the daily peak wattage, current, and watt hours over the course of the day so you know exactly how well your system is performing daily. This meter also allows you to angle the solar panels so you are getting the maximum wattage from the panels at any given time by reading the wattage output of the panels and angling them so you get maximum power output.

Because the solar panel is so much more efficient and is not flimsy like Thin Film solar panels it can be angled towards the sun for maximum solar harvest a lot easier then you an try to angle the thin film solar panels which are flexible and hard to prop up against anything. Tilting the solar panels towards the sun can double the output of the solar panel during times of year when the sun is not directly overhead. The included PVC tilt rack is a very easy and affordable way to angle our Hi Efficiency portable solar panels perfectly towards the sun. If you ever break a part of the PVC tilt rack its very cheap and easy to run to the hardware store and get a replacement part for $1. The tilt racks come with tent stakes so once you have the panel where you want it you can stake it down to the ground securely.

The included inverter is a 175w Peak - 130w continuous 12v DC to 120V AC inverter that takes the 12v battery output power and converts that to regular 120v AC power to run your normal AC powered devices. Any inverter with a Cigarette Lighter adapter can be used with this system so you have many different inverter options if this one does not suit your needs but here is why we decided to pair up the system with this particular inverter: 

  • It has 2 built in 120v AC Power Outlets that are sized so you can easily connect different devices and adapters into it without running into issues with 2 plugs not fitting side by side at the same time. 
  • it has a 2.1 Amp USB output charging port which will charge all the new power hungry iPad devices that need 2 amps to charge quickly instead of the old 1 Amp standard. 
  • It does not heat up as hot as other inverters in this size range. 
  • It's compact and feels very solid
  • It matches the color of the LFP 17 system and feels very nice in the hand. 
  • If you do not like this inverter we can easily substitute it for something different

Please contact us with any questions you might have about this system by clicking the "Questions" button on the left had side of this webpage and submitting us your info and we will get right back with you ASAP. 

This system is custom built to order and can take 4-8 weeks before this system is ready to ship. If you need your order ASAP then please contact us to discuss urgent delivery options.