LFP 10 Portable Solar Power Generator

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This system is perfect for Laptop's, Cell Phones, LED Lights, Small 12v Fans, and tons of other electronic devices.

This portable solar power generator system is super lightweight, the case weighs 4.2 pounds and the 36w solar panel weighs 3.2 pounds for a total of 7.4 pounds. The 60w Thin Film portable solar panel shown in the pictures weighs 6.5 pounds for a total weight of 10.7 pounds.

We are also now offering this system with our new 50w Hi Efficiency folding solar panels shown at this LINK . The 50w Hi Efficiency panel has a weight of 7.2 pounds, that gives us a total system weight of 11.4 pounds.

Different solar panel options are available which will increase or decrease the cost depending on which solar panel you are interested in. If you need a super light weight system you can go with our Hi Efficiency folding 36w or 60w solar panels.

This system has a 5 Amp - 65W Solar Panel Charging input that uses the latest technology called MPPT which stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking. The benefit of MPPT is that it always maximizes the output of the attached solar panels, up to 30% more power can be harvested by using MPPT solar tracking vs not using it. 

You can recharge the battery from Empty to 100% Full in 2 hours if you supply the system with 65 watts of solar panel input power. 

The case has a 12v Cigarette Lighter output port that has a max output power rating of 200 watts of power. You plug your devices into the 12v Cigarette Lighter outlet to power them. When the battery is fully drained the output will automatically turn off. Simply plug in the solar panel or AC battery charger to recharge the battery.

The 10 Amp Hour battery stores 128 Watt Hours of Power. So if your devices consume 20 watts of power this system could power that load for 6+ hours before it would be completely drained.

This system has enough power to fully recharge a medium sized laptop 2-3 times in a row. Easily power your laptop + cellphone with this system. 

If you need a system for night lighting then this will easily provide enough power to run our 12v LED lights for all night long. 

This system is waterproof so no need to worry if you leave it outside in the rain while you are recharging the system with the solar panels. Most other systems are not waterproof and will fail if left out when its raining.

A 12v to 120v AC inverter is included with the system that provides you with a regular AC Power outlet like you have at home so you can plug in all your devices that consume up to or less than 200 watts of power via regular 120v AC power plugs that you normally plug into the wall. 

There is a built in battery voltage meter beneath top panel that shows you the current battery voltage which gives you a generic indication of the state of charge of the battery. The more you use the system with the same equipment the more you will be able to gauge how charged the battery is at any given time.  Fully charged is 14.2V, Full drained is 10V. 

The system comes with a 3 Amp AC battery charger to fully recharge the battery from dead to full in 4 hours. 

The Pelican cases are super tough and Mil Spec tested and approved. The cases are available in Black, Tan, Olive Drab, Yellow, and Orange upon request. 

This system is built to order so please allow up to 30 days for shipment. If you need the system ASAP please contact us for a urgent order.

If you have questions about this system please email us by clicking the Question's button on the left hand side of this webpage, or send email to Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz, or call Ryan @ 765-517-1210Product Financing Signup

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