80w Folding Portable Solar Panel

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Here is a portable folding 80 watt solar panel kit that can easily be tilted towards the sun for perfect alignment and power output. 

We have simply hinged 2 aluminum framed glass solar panels together to make it easier to handle while moving them from place to place and to keep them perfectly aligned together when unfolded and pointed towards the sun which is also important for peak power harvest. 

We added a Stainless Steel heavy duty carrying handle to the top of the solar panel that feels good, looks good, and is solid and strong. This handle makes it really easy to move the solar panel around when needed. 

We have a locking latch to keep the folded up/closed solar panel closed so the panels do not flap together or rattle while you transport the 80w solar panel kit. 

There are 4 eyelet holes in the 4 corners that allow you to stake down the 4 corners once you have the solar panel setup where you want and this assures you that the panel will stay where you put it even under high winds. 4 Tent Stakes are included with the solar panel kit.

This solar panel can be used to charge 12v or 24v battery banks and can be used with our portable solar power generator systems also. 

Our testing of this panel showed us that it can produce 93 watts in good sunlight in cooler weather. It should produce its 80w rating during hot summer weather as solar panels produce less the hotter the solar cells get. 

We can provide you with custom solar panel connector cables upon request. If you have special requirements please feel free to email or call us @ Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz  or 1-765-517-1210 or click the "Questions" Button on the left side of this page.


  • 2 x 40w Glass Aluminum Framed Solar Panels
  • Array "Voc" (Open Circuit Voltage) Options - 12v Version (21.6v) 24v Version (43.2V)
  • Short Circuit Current "Isc" - 12v Version (5.14A) - 24v Version (2.57A)
  • Max Power Voltage "Vmp" - 12v Version (17.2v) - 24v Version (34.4v)
  • Weight Total = 23 Pounds
  • Dimensions In Inches Folded Shut = 26.2 x 22.6 x 2.2
  • Dimensions In Inches Folded Open = 52.4 x 22.6 x 1


Output power of more than 90% of the minimum peak power within 5 years and more than 80% in 10 years is guaranteed.