62 Watt Portable Folding Solar Panel

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Displayed are 62 Watt Portable Folding Solar Panels that can be used to power and recharge portable solar power generator systems and can also be use to power electronics directly from the sun during the day. 

The panels only weigh 3 pounds each which makes them the lightest thin film folding solar panels on the market. They are the lightest and best looking folding solar panel available world wide from our testing.  They are Milspec certified so they have been tested and pass all the different test there are to get the Milspec rating approval. 

The panels are available in 3 different color styles like Black, Green Camouflage, and Desert Tan Camouflage. 

These tactical portable non glass folding solar panels are very rugged and will not break like a glass solar panel can and will when used out in the field. 

Multiple solar panels can be combined to increase power output and to increase voltage when needed as seen in the pictures below.

Dimensions Folded = 14.5" x 8.5" x 1.4"
Dimensions Unfolded = 52" x 30" x 0.1"
Weight = 3 Pounds
Voc (Open Circuit Voltage) = 29V DC
Vmp (Maximum Power Point) = 18-20V DC
Max Output = 62-70W
Nonimal Current = 3.1 Amps
Max Current = 4.2 Amps

*** The portable solar power systems shown in the pictures below are not included, this page is only to display the 62w Folding Solar Panels.

Usually ships immediately after payment is made.  If you need your order ASAP then please contact us to discuss urgent delivery options.


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