36 Watt Unisolar Thinfilm Portable Solar Panel

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Here is a 36 watt folding thin film portable solar panel that is made with triple junction Unisolar Thinfilm solar cells which have very good performance under all weather conditions. Most solar cells produce less power as the temperature rises but the Unisolar cells are barley affected by high heat conditions which makes them produce more power than a comparable solar panel that is not made with Unisolar solar cells. 

The solar panels are semi flexible and are very rugged and will hold up for a very long time if taken care of properly. I have a similar solar panel that has been outside for 4 straight years and it has held up very well and still produces its nominal rated output power.The Unisolar solar cells also have a very long rated lifespan, like 85% of their rated output for 25 years. Most other thin films do not hold up very well over the long haul. 

These panels are flimsy and are very hard to tilt because they are not solid and this is why I prefer the folding mono crystalline solar panels since being able to tilt the solar panel perfectly towards the sun can increase the power output by 200% and the monocrystalline panels have a solid fiberglass backing sheet which allows then to be easily tilted up against something. But if you have to have a thin film solar panel I would recommend one made out of Unisolar thinfilm if the weight of the solar panel is not an issue since it will outperform most all other thinfilm foldable portable solar panels on the market from out testing.

The panel is waterproof.

The panels are available in these color patterns: Black, Digital Camo, Jungle Camo, Olive Drab Green.

Technical Parameters
Actual peak output power: 36W
Nominal output power: 32.4 W
Nominal output voltage: 18V
Nominal output current: 1.8
Open-circuit voltage: 24V
Short-circuit current: 2.4A

Folded size: 15.35 x 5.90 x 1.57 Inches
Unfolded size: 56.10 x 30.15 x .02 Inches

Output interface
SAE 2 Pin Trailer Plug Connector


3.5 Pounds


CE, RoHs

2 years

Product life time
Over 15 years

The production time can be between 3-8 weeks depending on current stock and current manufacturing capacity. If you need panels ASAP please contact us by using the "Contact" button on the far left of this webpage, click on the button and send us your info and we will get back with you ASAP.