3.4 Watt 6v Monocrystalline Portable Solar Panel

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Here are some very cool 3.4 Watt 6 volt monocrystalline portable solar panels that can be used to recharge and power USB devices and other smaller portable electronic equipment like smart phones, Iphones, and portable USB rechargeable battery packs.

These lightweight, monocrystalline solar panels have the smallest footprint of any 3.4 Watt panel on the market and are super tough. They are waterproof, scratch resistant, and UV resistant.

Its a fact that usually mono crystalline solar cells have a much longer lifespan than thin film solar cells and this means that a solar panel correctly made with mono crystalline solar cells will have a much longer useful lifespan when compared to portable folding solar panel that is created with thin film solar cells. The panels made with quality mono crystalline solar cells are used in most all of the glass solar panels you see on roofs all over the world and most of them are rated to provide at least 80% of their rated output power for 25 years which is excellent, you usually will never see this type of performance with panels made out of thin film solar cells. So when treated correctly our Hi Efficiency Folding Solar Panels will generate close to its rated output power for longer than any alternative thin film portable solar panel on the market. 

Its a lot easier to tilt our Hi Efficiency portable solar panels because they the solar cells are laminated to a rigid fiberglass backing board and this solid board allows us to lean the solar panel up against stuff or on tilt racks easily which allows us to get maximum solar harvest from the sun every single day vs have to lay a flexible thin film portable solar panel flat because its almost impossible to lean against anything because it does not have any solid surface. The thin film folding solar panels are double the size plus even the solar cells are semi flexible and both of these factors make it very hard to do anything but just lay the panels flat on the ground which is only ideal when the sun is directly overhead. During times of year where the sun is not directly overhead tilting the solar panel inline with the sun rays can increase the power output of the solar panel by 200% which is a HUGE difference when it comes to recharging a portable solar power system or powering equipment directly. Being able to easily tilt the Hi Efficiency folding solar panels is a HUGE advantage over thin film folding solar panels. 
Dimensions: 210 x 113 x 5mm
Weight: 7 ounces, 190 grams
Substrate Type: 3mm Aluminum/Plastic
Cell Type: Monocrystalline
Cell Efficiency: 17%
Open Circuit Voltage: 7.0V
Peak Voltage *: 6.0V
Peak Current *: 566 mA
Peak Watt.: 2.0 Watts
Connector: 3.5 x 1.1mm plug
Mount: 4 stainless steel
Warranty: 2 Years

* Panel output is computed from cell manufacturer's data based on 0% reduction of cell efficiency after packaging of cell strings. Electrical output tolerance +/- 10%. Under irradiance of 100 mW / sq. cm, spectrum of 1.5 air mass, at 25 degrees Celsius, as per cell manufacturer's specifications.