135W Hi Efficiency Monocrystalline Folding Portable Solar Panel

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 This is a 135 watt high efficiency monocrystalline folding non glass portable solar panel that is made with 18% High Efficiency Solar Cells. 

 Most folding solar panels are made with thin film solar cells which are only 7-9% efficient and because of the lower efficiency double the surface area is needed to produce the same amount of power as this 18% efficient solar panel. Hi Efficiency solar panels require half the surface area that thin film solar panels require to produce the same amount of power. Hi Efficiency solar panels = More power in 50% less space.

 The 18% efficient mono crystalline solar cells used in the 138 watt solar panels degrade at a much slower rate compared to the less efficient thin film solar cells used in many other folding solar panels available on the market and this means that this panel when treated properly will produce more power for more years compared to alternative solar panels that are made from thin film solar cells.

 Mono crystalline solar panels perform much better than thin film solar cells in hot environments.

 The solar panels comes with a simple tilting rack made from 1 inch PVC and can be seen in the pictures below. The solar panel is held to the PVC tilt rack by 4 bungee cords. The PVC tilt rack is held down to the ground securely by 4 tent stakes which are staked down through eye bolts which are on the bottom 4 corners of the PVC tilt rack and can be viewed in the pictures below also. The PVC tilt racks are not required to use the solar panels but can increase the output by up to 40% when you properly tilt the solar panel towards the sun vs laying the panels flat on the ground when the sun is not directly overhead.

 The padded black bag protects the solar panel + PVC tilt rack + bungee cords + tent stakes + solar panel cord. The padded bag has a regular handle for carrying the bag + shoulder strap + 2 backpack straps to carry the bag on the back if desired.

The solar panel and the solar cells are "Made In the USA"


This system is custom built to order and can take 4-8 weeks before this system is ready to ship. If you need your order ASAP then please contact us to discuss urgent delivery options.