12v Tornado Fan

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 The Original Tornado Fan - The most powerful truck fan. 

 This 12 Volt Clip Mount Fan is very easy to use and draws very little power. Simply clip to dash or other location, plug into 12V lighter socket and set the variable speed control. The Variable Speed Control is located on the 12V plug end of the power cord. 

 The fan itself is pretty lightweight and built to last. Full Tilt Articulation add to this models flexibility and ease of use. There is also a mounting base included for those who want the power of the 12V Tornado Fan on a more permanent mount setup. 

    • Most powerful 12-volt fan
    • Features adjustable speed control
    • Includes 15 feet power cord
    • Features mounting clip for easy positioning
    • Plugs into Vehicle’s Cigarette Lighter Socket
    • Plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket
    • Variable speed control
    • Adjustable swivel base
    • Removable Mounting Clip or Use the Permanent Mount with Included Hardware
    • 8 amp fused 15' power cord

Customer Review:

Delivering mail in my postal vehicle in the summertime in Florida gets kinda warm...can you spell H-A-D-E-S? The little fan that is installed in our trucks doesn't provide much relief and has limited range so for years I've been buying the clip-on fans sold at Wally World only to have each and every one blow a fuse or break within a month or so. 

The specified fuses on these junkers are impossible to find and replacements that were recommended at Radio Shack would blow almost immediately. But those fans were the only ones I could find locally so this year I decided to try something else and ordered this Tornado Fan and so far (about a month) I'm very happy with it. 

YES it is loud at high speed but the postal vehicle's built in fan is very loud as well so that's a wash as far as I'm concerned. The variable speed on the Tornado fan means you can adjust it to your liking and quickly turn it down to a relative whisper when you need to. There is a non-adjustable version of this fan but for a couple extra bucks in my opinion you get much more usability with that variable speed. 

If you listen to the radio in your vehicle the noise may be too much but if you're just working and driving and humming your own tunes this fan will help you be more comfortable.

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