150 Watt Folding Portable Solar Panel Kit

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Here we have a portable 150 Watt Folding Solar Panel with Aluminum tilting arms on the back so the solar panels can be angled towards the sun perfectly to maximize the solar harvest every day. 

What we have is two 75 Watt glass solar panels which are hinged together in the center. The panels can be easily and quickly opened, tilted towards the sun and used to turn sunlight into electricity or closed for storage or transport. 

The solar panel can be secured down to the ground easily by placing something heavy like a sand bag over the part of the tilting arms that are closest to the ground. 

Each panel comes with a custom black foam padded protective carry case to protect the panel from damage when you are not using the panel. We ship these panels from California to New York and all over the world and have never had 1 of them break. They are very strong. 

The panels are designed to charge 12v batteries.  The panel comes with Anderson Power Pole connectors along with terminated wire ends so you can connect the panels power output to what ever device you desire. The panel comes with a 15Ft extension cord which will be wired as instructed by the buyer. Longer wire lengths are available on request.

From our testing the panels perform very well and look very good doing it which is what makes this a unique package. 

150 Watt Solar Panel Specs

33x23x3 inches when folded closed

33x46x1.5 inches when opened up and deployed

Weight is approximately 27 pounds

Voltage at maximum power (Vmp) = 18 volts

Open circuit voltage (Voc) = 24 volts

Designed to charge 12V Batteries. 2 Panels are required to charge 24V battery banks. 

This system is custom built to order and can take 7 days before this item ships. 

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