120w Portable Folding Solar Panel

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This solar panel is a 120w portable solar panel that is using 24% efficient Sunpower solar cells which are currently the highest efficiency commercially available solar cells money can buy. 

Because the solar cells are 24% efficient, they require the least amount of surface area to generate the same amount of electricity as other portable solar panels that range in the 8-18% efficiency range. The higher the efficiency of the solar panel the smaller and lighter the solar panel will be. 

Each different type of portable folding solar panel on the market has its unique advantages and disadvantages, and we feel that our new Hi Efficiency folding solar panels are the best choice on the market currently because of the following reasons:

#1. Because they are using 24% efficient monocrystalline solar cells instead of thin film solar cells that are usually only 8% efficient.  And because they are just 8% efficient they require 300% more area to generate the same amount of power.

If you want to generate the most amount of power in the smallest area, you need our high efficiency folding portable solar panels. 

#2. Its a fact that usually monocrystalline solar cells have a much longer lifespan than thin film solar cells and this means that a solar panel correctly made with monocrystalline solar cells will have a much longer useful lifespan when compared to the portable folding solar panel that uses thin film solar cells.

The solar panels made with quality monocrystalline solar cells are rated to provide at least 80% of their rated output power for 25 years which is excellent, you usually will never see this type of performance with panels made out of thin film solar cells.

So when treated correctly our Hi Efficiency Folding Solar Panels will generate close to their rated output power for longer than any alternative thin film portable solar panel on the market. 

#3. Its a lot easier to tilt our Hi Efficiency portable solar panels because they the solar cells are laminated to a rigid fiberglass backing board, and this solid board allows us to lean the solar panel up against stuff easily.

Tilting the solar panel helps you get the maximum solar harvest from the sun every single day vs. having to lay a flexible thin film portable solar panel flat on the ground because it's almost impossible to lean against anything because it does not have any solid surface.

The thin film folding solar panels are double the size plus even the solar cells are semi flexible and both of these factors make it very hard to do anything but just lay the panels flat on the ground which is only ideal when the sun is directly overhead.

During times of year where the sun is not directly overhead tilting the solar panel in line with the sun rays can increase the power output of the solar panel by 200% which is a HUGE difference when it comes to recharging a portable solar power system or powering equipment directly. Being able to easily tilt the Hi Efficiency folding solar panels is a HUGE advantage over thin film folding solar panels. 

#4. The price of our Hi Efficiency folding solar panels are actually cheaper than the larger less efficient folding solar panels that are on the market.

For a long time, we had to deal with small manufacturers that wanted to charge an unreasonable price per watt for portable folding Hi Efficiency solar panels because they were smaller operations that want to keep prices high in hopes of getting rich on government contracts.

Our view was that this only prevented a large part of the nonmilitary customers from enjoying the benefits of portable solar panels that were built around Hi Efficiency monocrystalline solar cells.

Now we are proud to offer our folding portable solar panels for a lower price than most of the other large thin film folding solar panels that are available on the market. We hope this allows us to serve more people in more places all over the world.

Specification parameters
Peak output power: 120W
Peak power output voltage: 19V
Peak power output current: 6.3A
Open-circuit voltage: 24V

Size: Folded 16.9 x 11.8 x 0.75 Inches Inches, Unfolded 69 x 11.8 x 0.10 Inches
Weight: 5.5 Lbs
Output interface: MC4 Waterproof Connectors

. 24.2% Efficient Sunpower Solar Cells
. Anti Glare ETFE Solar Lamination
. Water-proof + UV resistance + Weather-proof,
. Thin and lightweight plus Attractive

One year on Labor & Materials


The production time can be between 3-8 weeks depending on current stock and current manufacturing capacity. If you need panels ASAP, please contact us by using the "Contact" button on the far left of this webpage, click on the button and send us your info, and we will get back with you ASAP.


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