100w High Efficiency Sunpower Semi Flexible Non Glass Solar Panel

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This is a 100 watt non glass semi flexible solar panel that is using super efficient Sunpower solar cells which turn sunlight into electricity at a higher rate than any other solar cell on the market.

Using the highest efficiency solar cells means the solar cell surface area needed to generate 100 watts of power is smaller than any other solar cell that is less efficient.


These light weight panels are perfect for marine boating and sail boats to recharge battery banks while at sea, or to keep your battery bank charged while docked for long periods of time. The panels are perfect for anybody needing to turn sunlight into electricity and wants to do it using the latest solar technology available.

Using Sunpower solar cells gives you the smallest panel possible with today's commercially available solar cell technology. Generate more power in less space with Sunpower solar panels.


This panel is semi flexible. It can be safely flexed by 30 degrees but it is recommended to flex the panel as little as possible to avoid cracking any of the solar cells. The panel is designed to be attached to a rigid surface to prevent flexing.


The panel has 6 grommets, 4 on the outer corners and 2 on the center outer edges.


The panel only weighs approx 4 pounds 4 ounces.


The junction box is sealed and there is 3 ft of power cable with waterproof MC4 connectors coming off the junction box.

The power specs are:

  • Rate Output Power = 100 Watts
  • Optimum Operating Voltage = 17.8v
  • Optimum Operating Current = 5.62A
  • Open Circuit Voltage = 21.6v
  • Short Circuit Current = 5.97A
  • Mono crystalline Sunpower Solar Cells
  • Panel size: 41.75 x 21.5 x 1/16th Inches

**These panels take up to 4 weeks to manufacture if they are not in stock so please email us if you need panels quicker than that.


Feel free to email us with any questions @ Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz or call 765-517-1210


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