LFP 80 Portable Solar Power Generator System

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If you are in need of a super lightweight off grid power source then this might be the perfect system for you. The US Military wanted a system that could power sensitive military equipment in the middle of the desert for a 24 hour time period and then recharge the battery daily from power generated by sunlight hitting the solar panels. The weight restriction was 35 pounds, so we designed the system to meet their needs since it did not exist anywhere on earth yet at least not with the super safe and long lasting LiFe batteries that we use in our systems. 

The system had to be designed to handle enough solar power input to power the connected equipment during the day plus it had to be able to fully recharge the batteries during the day also so the connected equipment could run during the night time when there was no solar power available. We accomplished this by using 2 of the smallest and lightest solar charge controllers on the market that utilize a technology called MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) which basically means it adjust the solar panels so they are always providing the maximum power output under all weather and lighting conditions. By using MPPT on the connected solar panels its possible to generate up to 30-40% more power over the course of a day compared to systems that do not utilize Maximum Power Point Tracking.

The LFP 80 portable solar generator has 2 separate MPPT solar input ports, each port can handle 140 watts of solar power input continuously. So that's 280 Watts of solar input that can be used to power connected equipment and or recharge the systems 80 Amp Hour battery pack. 280 Watts of solar panels would allow you to fully recharge the battery from 0% full to 100% in 4 hours. A fully charged battery can provide 1024 Watt Hours of power which is enough power to run a Laptop that consumes 30 Watts on average for 34 hours straight, or 2 laptops for 17 hours. To figure out how long it would power your devices on a full charge just divide the total wattage your devices consume by 1024 watt hours and you will have the hours your devices should run.

The solar 4 solar panels you see paired up with this system are 100w Non Glass solar panels which come with PVC tilt racks that allow the solar panels to be tilted towards the sun perfectly to maximize the output of each solar panel. Click Here for more info on the 100w Hi Efficiency Portable Solar Panels. 

If you like the system but not the price then you need to know that we can use other solar panels with this system which do not cost near as much because they are mass produced unlike the non glass solar panels which are special made and therefore cost a lot more per watt.

Here are some excellent alternative solar panels that cost much less that will work with this system just fine. You could use 2 of the 120w folding solar panels with the LFP 80 Portable Solar Generator and have system that could fully recharge every single day there was good sunlight. Click here for more info on the 120w Glass Portable Solar Panels.

And here is another super lightweight 62w portable solar panel that we can use with the LFP 80 Portable Solar Power System. We offer this system with 2 or 4- 62w Portable Solar Panels. These 62w panels only weigh 3 pounds each which makes them the lightest portable solar panel on the market. If you want the lightest LFP 80 Portable Solar Power System kit possible then you want to go with the 3 pound 62w portable solar panels. The LFP 80 Solar Generator with 2 62w panels would weight 41 pounds, and 47 pounds with 4 - 62w Portable solar panels. Click here for more info and pictures of the 62w portable solar panels.

The LFP 80 Portable Solar Generator as pictured is able to supply 200 watts of power via 2 cigarette lighter sockets like you have in your car. The system is supplied with a 200 Watt 12v to 120v AC inverter also so you can plug your regular AC equipment into the inverter as long as it does not consume more than 200 watts continuously. If you need more than 200 watts of power output from this system we can easily increase the power output up to 1000 watts if needed, just tell us what you need. If you pull more than 200 watts from the system a circuit breaker will trip to protect the wiring and all you need to do is push the breaker to reset it and begin using the system again as normal. 

Another key feature the system has is a digital battery monitor that displays exactly how much power you have stored in the battery at any given time A.K.A. SOC or (State Of Charge) and this is displayed as a number from 100% Full to 0% Empty. Without this digital battery monitor you would have no idea how much power you have to work with. The battery monitor also displays the TTG (Time To Go) which will actually show you the hours and Min's you have left until the connected devices will drain the battery to 0% Full. The TTG feature will allow you to adjust your power consumption to a level that will allow you to run your devices for the amount of hours you need. Please watch the video above for a demonstration of all the different data the battery monitor can supply you with. The battery monitor is a very unique feature that lets you know exactly how much power you have to work with and how much power you have coming in from the solar panels at any given time which allows you to make informed decisions on how you use the power you harvest which is especially useful if this becomes your only source of power during a disaster situation.

The battery is a 80 Amp Hour / 1024 Watt Hour LiFe battery pack that has the lowest weight per watt currently available when it comes to batteries that will not ignite or explode if punctured or damaged unlike more dangerous Lithium Ion or Polymer batteries. Our LiFe batteries are made from 100% non toxic ingredients so they will cause no damage to the earth at the end of their lifespan.

Our LiFe batteries have a life span of up to 10 years depending on how deeply you discharge them on average which is up to 10x's more life cycles than the old Lead Acid Batteries. Our LiFe batteries are the lightest batteries currently available, they are actually 60% lighter than the old deep cycle marine batteries. They will not ignite or explode like other Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries are know to do which makes them our preferred choice since they present no danger to our clients. The cherry on top is that our LiFe batteries will provide you with 90-100% of the power you put into them during the day unlike Deep Cycle marine batteries that only provide you with 60% of their rated capacity when drained under high loads which means you get to use just about all the power you harvest from the sun everyday. We recommend you do not invest in any portable solar power system that is not using LiFe battery technology considering its superior to anything else currently available in our opinion.

The system is cased in a rugged waterproof Pelican 1500 Hard Case and has a total weight of 35 pounds which is the lightest 80Ah / 1 KWh LiFe battery powered portable solar power systems available world wide.  Click here or specifics on the Pelican 1500 Hard Case which is also available in Black, Olive Drab Green, Silver, Orange, and Yellow upon request. 

Please watch the system overview video above for a overview of this system and know that we can pair the system up with cheaper portable solar panels to reduce the cost of the system significantly. Please click through the drop down list above the video to view different LFP 80 System combinations and the different prices for those combinations. 

Lastly we want you to know we have been building these systems for the last 4 years and have shipped them all over the world and have never had a problem or issue with any of them which means we build them right from the beginning and we care about the finished look just as much as we care about using the best components we can find world wide. 

We understand a investment in this price range is substantial and we and want to give you more for your money than any other company out there selling systems that claim to do the same as what we are offering you here. If you have questions about this kit feel free to call the owner of the company Ryan Brown @ 765-517-1210 or email us at Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz

The built time for this system is approx 4-8 weeks depending on our current work load. Parts for this system come from all over the world so this is another reason the lead time is 4-8 weeks. If you need something quicker its possible just contact us to discuss rush order options.

30% Discount

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