12 Watt Portable Solar USB Mobile Cell Phone Charger

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  The "Pocket Panel" is a 13 Watt Portable Solar USB Charging Panel designed to Rapid Charge power hungry cell phones and other USB devices that can be charged via their USB port. This panel is rated to produce up to 2.6 Amps of power @ 5v via the standard USB charging output port and this allows rapid solar phone recharging in bright sunny conditions and this also allows quicker recharging in partly sunny conditions.

Today's new smart phones, iPhone, Android, Droid smart cell phones demand larger batteries and much more power per day compared to phones from just a year ago and this means it takes a lot more power to rapidly recharge your new smart phone. If you want to solar charge your cell phone or iPhone then you need a portable solar charger that is capable of producing enough power to rapidly recharge your phone in good sunny conditions and this is where most solar cellphone chargers fail and fall short since they are under sized and simply do not produce enough power to quickly recharge your USB devices. 

The panel we have made here is using the highest efficiency solar cells on the market, the same type Mono Crystalline solar cells that are used in the popular glass solar panels you see on the top of large buildings and homes all over the world. The solar cells are 24% efficient at turning sunlight into electricity vs. the other folding solar panels that use ThinFilm solar cells that are only 8-9% efficient at turning sunlight into electricity. The higher the efficiency of the solar cell the less surface area it takes to generate 1w of power. Since we are using 24% efficient Sunpower solar cells our portable solar usb cell phone chargers are as small as you can currently make them. 

Mono Crystalline Solar cells also provide another benefit over Thin Film solar cells which is a much longer life span when it comes to producing the power its rated to produce. Mono Crystalline solar cells are usually rated to produce 85% of their rated output power over a 25 Year time frame which is something you will not see thin film solar cell manufacturers claiming. Bottom line is that our portable solar USB charging panels will keep producing close to their rated 12 watt power output rating for up to 25 years if properly taken care of. 

Our goal is to offer a high quality portable solar usb cell phone battery charger to the world to recharge all their USB electronics free from sunlight every day and offer this extremely useful product for a price that is lower than anything else that is currently on the market so more people can enjoy the benefits of constantly recharging their devices anywhere and anytime there is sunlight outside. Below are some reasons we really love our portable solar usb charging panel. 

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We have tried all of the USB Solar Phone Chargers on the market and this one is our favorite because:

  • It is small enough to fit into your pocket. Many of the solar USB chargers are much larger.
  • New USB Ports maxes out at 2 amps. This panel can produce up to 2+ amps = FAST RECHARGING.
  • The panel is lightweight, soft and flexible. Other options are large, hard, heavy, and bulky.
  • This solar USB panel has a standard USB output port into which you can plug your devices. No Special Adapters to lose.
  • It works correctly. From our testing, some of the more advanced units simply do not work correctly.
  • It is weather resistant. From our testing, to leave the panel out in the rain is fine.
  • It is extremely portable and lightweight. Pocket Sized Solar Charger.
  • It is a universal USB charger - charges cell phones, MP3 players, GPS, PDA, and batteries via USB.
  • It is highly efficient, and it exhibits the highest power-to-weight and power-to-surface area ratio in the industry.
  • It is using 24% Efficient Mono Crystalline Sunpower Solar Cells instead of 8-9% Efficient ThinFilm Solar cells
  • Mono Crystalline Solar Cells Produce Their Rated Power Output Many Years Longer Than ThinFilm Solar cells.
Unique Advantages Of This USB Solar Mobile Phone Charger

  • In Peak Sunlight the Panel will Produce Enough Power to Charge + Actively USE Most of Your Devices
  • It Will Recharge Most of the following cellphones & smartphones - Android, Blackberry, Droid, HTC, Iphone 3g, 4g
  • It Can Also Recharge Gaming Devices Like the Nintendo DS , Nintendo 3DS, ect.....
  • It Can Also Recharge MP3 Players Like the Microsoft Zune, Apple Ipod Touch, Ipod Nano, Sony Walkman, Sandisk
  • It Can Also Recharge a lot of GPS Navigation Units & GPS Location Devices
  • It Can Solar Recharge Any Device That Can Be Recharged Via USB Power
  • It Can Recharge Android Tablets & Apple Ipad's that can be recharged via USB but not as fast as the AC wall charger.
  • No Internal Battery to Go Bad or Replace. This also keeps the size and weight down on this panel setup.
  • Other units that use 2 AA Batteries to store power provide very little power and charge very slowly, Tried it, didn't like it.
  • Other units that have internal batteries usually only provide 1/2 the advertised rated capacity since they forget to tell you that you lose almost half the stored battery power when you convert the 3.7v battery power to USB's 5V power. Beware.
  • Some Other Solar USB Chargers use special output connections other than regular USB outlets which forces you to carry a bag of special cords or connector tips that once lost or misplaced makes the whole unit worthless until you find the lost part or contact the manufacturer for their special one of a kind cord to make it work again. Far From Ideal.

Small enough to fit into your pocket, and, most importantly, it actually works

12w Portable Solar USB Phone Charger Specs

  • Regulated output: 13W - 5V - 2.6A
  • Folded size: 7 x 4.75 x 1.75 Inches
  • Unfolded size: 18.25 x 14 x 1.8th Inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound

If you have any questions please click the "Questions" button on the left side of this page and let us know how we can help you and we will get back with you ASAP. 


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