Portable Solar Phone Chargers

Here is a collection of Portable Solar USB Cell Phone Chargers that are perfect for rapidly recharging mobile phones and other electronic equipment that can be solar charged via their USB charging ports. Solar Phone Chargers keep you prepared in case of emergencies. 

Portable Solar Cell Phone Chargers range in power and flexibility and we have reviewed and tested the best portable solar phone chargers on the market and are only offering what we consider the best portable mobile phone charging solution currently available world wide. 

We have created some very unique portable Mono Crystalline Portable Solar Panels that use 18% efficient solar cells that provide the highest power output per inch than other solar mobile phone chargers that are made with Thin Film solar cells that are only 8-9% efficient at turning sunlight into electricity. Our Mono Crystalline portable solar smart phone charging solar panels are smallest and most powerful on the market.

If you need a easy way to quickly solar charge your Smart Phone, iPhone, Android, Droid, Cell Phone, Kindle, eBook Reader, iPad, iPod, GPS, and any other electronic device that can be recharged via its USB port then check out our portable solar USB chargers before spending your hard earned cash elsewhere.