iPad Solar Chargers

 Here is our collection of solar chargers for the iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3. Our solar chargers are pocked sized portable units that produce more power than anything else on the market and for the best price currently available. If you want a portable solar charger for your iPad then you want one of our Pocket Solar Panels. 

Our portable solar chargers are designed to work with all Apple Products unlike most other chargers on the market who do not update their charging circuits to work with all the new iPhone's, iPads, and Ipods. Our panels have more solar cells in them so you can actually charge and run your device at the same time instead of only being able to charge but not use your iPad. We built the panels so we could work outside and stream music from our iPad all day long without killing the battery, all the other chargers we tried were underpowered and could not keep up in the hot summer sun. Check out our Pocket Panels below for more information and videos.