Helios 2800w Portable Solar Power Generator System

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 This is our most advanced and powerful portable solar power system we have created to date. Helios was the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology. This system can supply 2800 watts of AC power continuously until the batteries are drained. The AC power is Pure Sinewave so its the same quality or better than what the power company supplies you with.

The Helios is avaliable in a 12v & 24v Versions that look idential.

The 12v Helios Specs: 2800w AC Output, 1100w Solar Input, 1750w AC Charger.

The 24v Helios Specs: 3500w AC Output, 2200w Solar Input, 2200w AC Charger.

This system can accept solar power input that can be used to power AC or DC loads directly or to recharge the attached battery bank. The solar input utilizes MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology which maximizes the solar harvest from the attached solar panels under all weather conditions. MPPT solar panel tracking can net you up to 30% more harvest over the course of a day compared to a system not using MPPT solar panel tracking. 

The system has a built in AC battery charger to quickly recharge the battery bank from any AC power source like grid power or power from gas generators. Simply plug an extension cord into the AC Charging Input port and the system will begin charging the battery bank. The AC power input will also pass through the power to the AC output ports during and after the battery bank has been recharged. The AC input current limit is adjustable to prevent overloading AC power sources.

There is a AC Transfer switch built in so the system will act like a backup power supply which will keep the battery bank charged and supply power to the AC output ports when grid power is normally available and as soon as the power is lost it will instantly start supplying power from the battery bank without the connected equipment noticing anything has happened. 

There is built in automatic cooling fans that keep the built in electronics operating as normal even when the case is closed. The fans will turn on at 100F and then turn off when the temps reach 80F. 

The really neat feature of this system is the main control display which supplies all the critical information about the system and its current state of operation. See the pictures to get an idea of the type of information that is supplied. All the critical functions can be controlled by using this master control panel. 

The Helios is often used to by people to supply power to their home during a Grid failure like happend recently in Flordia, Texas, and Puerto Rico during the hurricanes.

The Helios can connect to a home via a AC Transfer switch which allows you to feed parts of your home directly from the Helios's AC output ports when the Grid goes down.

Helios Solar Generator AC Transfer Switch

Many others have used the Helios to supply power to their RV or travel trailer while traveling off grid to keep their favorite equipment powered without the need for a gas generator. The AC output of the Helios can plug direclty into the 20A or 30A AC input on the RV or travel trailer easily.

Helios Used for RV Power

Some people use the Helios during extended camping trips to make life offgrid alittle more enjoyable.

Helios Solar Generator using for Camping

Helios Solar Generator using for Camping

Portable Solar Panel Options for the Helios Generator

120w Portable Folding Non Glass Portable Solar Panels offer the smallest lightest weight solar panel option avalialbe. These 120w solar panels are using Sunpower 24% Efficient solar cells that produce more power under all lighting conditions than any other type of solar cell. These solar panels weigh 5 pounds each!

120w Portable Folding Solar Panels

120w Foldign Solar Panle

120w Non Glass Solar Panel

120w Solar Panel Pack

Below are 150w Glass Folding Panels Options:

We have paired this system up with 150w folding portable solar panels because they perform great and are priced reasonably. The panels also have built in tilting arms in the back that allow you to easily tilt the solar panels towards direct sunlight for maximum power harvest. Tilting the solar panels vs not tilting them can create a 200% increase in power output from the solar panels. 

The solar panels are made with 18% efficient mono-crystalline solar cells that have a long lifespan and great performance. These panels are mass produced and because of this the price per panel is as low as we can find for a nice portable solar panel kit. The panel has all the features you would want to get maximum power out of each panel like built in tilting arms to angle the panel towards direct sunlight. The panels fold up easily and have a nice handle which makes them easy to carry when you need to transport from location to location.

The solar panels have 75 Amp Anderson Power Pole connectors on the back for quick and easy solar panel connections.

You can purchase the 150w Portable Folding Solar Panels by vising the 150w Portable Solar Panel sales page by clicking HERE NOW  Just buy as many of the 150w panels as you desire. The Helios solar input will just limit the incoming solar input to 1100 watts if the solar input is more than 1100 watts at any given time. There is no problem with connecting a solar array that has a combined power rating over 1100 watts. 

 The cheapest solar panel option is this...

If your a DIY type of person then you can save some real cash by purchasing the 6 x 100w aluminum framed portable solar panels from Amazon for $849 + Free Shipping if you have Amazon Prime. 

Because these solar panels are mass produced and there is so much competition going on between solar panel manufacturers the cost per panel just keeps getting lower and lower. These solar panels will work just fine with the Helios solar generator system. 

The only thing you will need to do is lay the panels outside flat on the ground if its during the summer when sun is directly over head most of the day. Or just create some simple way to tilt the solar panels toward the sun like our 150w panels above have built in. By finding a way to secure the solar panels yourself you can easily save a nice chunk of change. If you don't want to deal with that then just go with the 150w folding solar panels we are offering above. 

Here is the link for the 6 x 100w Glass Solar panels pictured above on Amazon Click Here

Helios Solar Generator Battery Options - AGM vs LFP

The Helios Solar Generator can be used with AGM or LFP 180 Battery Modules. Each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. 

We prefer LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries for all the reasons below. The only downside to our LFP 180 Battery Modules is that they cost much more than AGM batteries. There are some situations where using AGM batteries with the Helios could be perfectly fine and this allows you to purchase a system for less money. The AGM batteries just have a shorter lifespan if you deeply discharge them consistently and they weight up to 60% more per battery which may or may not be a problem for you.  

Why LFP Batteries are Awesome & Expensive....

The battery is a 180 Amp Hour LiFEPo4 12.8v battery pack that is designed to provide 2000 charge/discharge cycles when drained 100% on a consistent basis and 5000 charge and discharge cycles if you discharge the battery to 30% on a consistent basis.The less you discharge the battery consistently the longer the battery will last you. 5000 Cycles would last you 13 years if you discharged the battery every single day, and 26 years if you discharged the battery every other day. This means LFP batteries should last you a lifetime which is surly enough to get by a natural disaster that could possibly last a few years or longer.

The LiFePo4 / LFP / Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries provide superior performance when compared to the old Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries or AGM batteries because they are 60% lighter in weight which drastically reduces the weight of the LFP 180 Battery Modules. The LFP 180 battery module weighs 75 pounds as you see it pictured here. A comparable Deep Cycle battery of the same capacity weighs in at about 160 pounds for just the battery alone. The LFP 180 battery module can be moved and rolled around on its wheels easily by most average sized people. 

The next major advantage that LiFePo4 / LFP / Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries give you is superior life span or charge / discharge cycles when compared to the old Deep Cycle Lead Acid or AGM batteries. The LFP 180 Battery Module can provide up to 10 times longer lifespan or charge / discharge cycles compared to Deep Cycle Lead Acid or AGM batteries under most conditions. So if we drained the LFP 180 portable battery module from 100% full to 30% full the battery is rated to last 3000 cycles to be conservative. If we do the same thing with most Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries we only end up with 300 cycles before the battery is rated to need replaced most manufacturers. So the LFP 180 portable battery packs when drained down to 30% full consistently will outlast the same capacity Deep Cycle Lead Acid or AGM battery by 10 times or 1000% which is amazing. 

Another key benefit that LiFePo4 / LFP / Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries provide is that they actually provide 100-90% of their rated capacity when drained at high rates of current which is very nice when you compare it to how a comparable sized Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery usually only provides around 60% of their rated capacity when drained at high rates which means the remaining 40% of stored power in the Deep Cycle battery just disappears and you do not get to use it. LFP batteries prove to be superior again in this respect. 

Another benefit of LiFePo4 / LFP / Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries is that they are made out of Non Toxic ingredients and will not ignite or explode if punctured or shot while in combat. Other types of lithium batteries can be very dangerous and explode under some circumstances.

And the last benefit of LiFePo4 / LFP / Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries is that the actual battery pack is smaller in size than a Deep Cycle Lead Acid / AGM battery which allows the case to be smaller and the overall size and weight of the system to be smaller.

For more information about the LFP 180 Battery Modules please click HERE

The Cheaper AGM Battery Option Information

We have decided to begin offering AGM battery packs to work with the Helios Solar Generator for the simple fact that they are much cheaper and they will work just fine to store the solar power that the Helios system harvest on a daily basis. 

If you are considering the Helios as a emergency power generator to be used mainly during emergencies that should not last more than a year then the AGM batteries will work just fine and they will save you a good amount of money compared to our long life LFP 180 battery packs. 

We are offering high quality AGM battery modules made by Outback Solar. They do not come in the fancy Pelican cases which makes them smaller in size. You will simply place the AGM batteries beside the Helios and connect using the custom wiring and connectors and step by step instructions that we supply you with. 

Here is some info showing how many cycles you can expect out of the AGM Battery bank based on how deeply you discharge the battery bank on average. You can see that if you want a really long lifespan out of the batteries you can not deeply discharge the batteries on a regular basis like you can with the LFP batteries. 

This what it looks like to connect multiple AGM batteries together to increase the total battery storage capacity which will provide longer run times for your equipment. 

Batteries are placed in parallel (positive to positive, negative to negative) for additive amp-hour capacity. Three batteries in parallel have three times the amp-hours of a single battery. However, batteries in parallel do not have additive voltages. A single set of batteries in parallel (as shown in this figure) have the same voltage as a single 12v battery. We provide a custom set of wiring to connect the number of batteries that you buy along with the Helios Solar Generator system which takes the guess work out of how to hook them up. 

The EnergyCell RE valve regulated lead acid battery is designed for high power density and renewable energy cycling applications. This battery utilizes Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance. The EnergyCell RE also features low profile terminals with threaded copper alloy inserts providing reduced maintenance and increased safety.

  • Front Terminal Access Design for Ease of Maintenance and Installation †
  • High-Density Pasted Plates for High Cycle Life †
  • Lead-Calcium-Tin Alloy Plates for Long Life in Both Cycling and Float Applications †
  • High Recharge Efficiency †
  • Compact Footprint for Higher Energy Density Requirements †
  • Thermally Welded Case-to-Cover Bond to Eliminate Leakage †
  • UL-Recognized Component †
  • Up to 2-Year Full Replacement Warranty
  • EnergyCell batteries should not be operated in an environment where the average ambient temperature exceeds 85°F (27°C). The peak temperature of the operating environment should not exceed 110°F (43°C) for a period of more than 24 hours. High operating temperatures will shorten a battery’s life.
  • Do not allow batteries to freeze, as this will damage them and could result in leakage.  
  • Do not expose batteries to temperature variations of more than 5°F (3°C). This leads to voltage imbalance between multiple batteries (or between battery cells if there is a temperature differential).
  • Batteries should be stored in a cool, dry location. Place them in service as soon as possible. The best storage temperature is 77°F (25°C), but a range of 60°F (16°C) to 80°F (27°C) is acceptable.
  • The EnergyCell RE must be given a freshening charge every six months when stored at 77°F (25°C). The charge should be every three months if stored at temperatures of up to 92°F (33°C). If stored in higher temperatures, the charge should be every month.

Here are more specs on the AGM Batteries:

Click HERE to download the spec sheet for the AGM Batteries.

Click Here for Information About Transporting the AGM Batteries.  


Technical Details:

Helios 2800w 12v Portable Solar Generator System

  • 2800w 120v Pure Sinewave Inverter - 3200w for 30 Min's - 4800w Surge
  • Automatic Forced Air Cooling - Operates with case open or closed.
  • 80 Amp - 1100w - MPPT Solar Panel Renewable Energy Input. 
  • 125 Amp - 1750w - 120v AC Battery Charger 
  • GFIC Protected AC Outlet Prevents Electrocution. 
  • Locking Deltran Solar Energy Input connector port. 
  • Dimensions for this case can be found here: Pelican 1620
  • This case weighs 100 pounds.

Helios 3500w 24v Portable Solar Generator System

  • 3500w 120v Pure Sinewave Inverter - 4000w for 30 Min's - 5400w Surge
  • Automatic Forced Air Cooling - Operates with case open or closed.
  • 80 Amp - 2200w - MPPT Solar Panel Renewable Energy Input. 
  • 82 Amp - 2200w - 120v AC Battery Charger 
  • GFIC Protected AC Outlet Prevents Electrocution. 
  • Locking Deltran Solar Energy Input connector port. 
  • Dimensions for this case can be found here: Pelican 1620
  • This case weighs 100 pounds.

 LFP 180 Battery Module

  • 180 Amp Hour - 2.3 Kwh - 12.8v Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery.
  • Digital Battery Monitor Displays - Voltage - Current - Time To Go Until Empty - State of Charge
  • 250 Amp - 2300w Maximum Output @ 12v DC via 2 Heavy Duty Power Terminals.
  • 1 Cigarette Lighter Outlet provides up to 200w @ 12v DC. Protected by Auto Reset Breaker.
  • Simple One Button - ON/OFF/Reset Switch turns power output ON and OFF as needed.
  • Dimensions for this case can be found here: Pelican 1440
  • This case weighs 75 Pounds.

Portable Solar Panels

  • 150w Glass Portable Solar Panels
  • Built in Tilting arms to properly align the solar panels towards direct sunlight. 
  • Simple, quick plug and play connectors for easy setup. 
  • Panels fold up and lock in place for transport and have a nice carry handle. 
  • System comes with a 50ft solar panel connector cable.
  • This system can handle 10 x 150w Portable Solar panels to max out charging ability.
  • The solar panel weighs approx 27 pounds. 
  • Solar panels come with a padded black carry bag to protect them during transport.

120w Portable Folding Solar Panels

  • 120w Each
  • Carry Handle Built in + Latches to keep panels closed. 
  • Easy to use, plug and play power connectors. Wrong connections not possible. 
  • 5 Pounds Each
  • Voc 24v
  • Vmp 19v
  • Current 6.4 Amps

This system is highly customizable if you are interested in this system or have more questions please call or email us: Ryan @ 765-517-1210 - Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz

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