6w 12v Waterproof LED Light + Magnetic Flexi Mounting System

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 Here is a 12v 6 Watt Waterproof Solid Aluminum Hi Efficiency Portable LED Light on a Flexible 3 Leg Tripod Mounting System with Magnetic Feet so it can be attached to just about anything anywhere you could need lighting. Lumen output is approx 750 Lumen, Color Temperature is 6500K.

What we were looking for but could not find was a small lightweight, heavy duty, rugged, portable, highly efficient, super bright lighting system to pair up with our portable solar power systems which are used a lot by people who are in situations where they are off grid where no power is available. LED lights consume minimal power yet produce abundant light when compared to the old incandescent and even some CFL lighting, because the LED lights consume the least amount of power they drain the batteries on our portable solar power systems much slower and this allows for the max amount of run time when powering lights vs other 12v Lighting options. 

The actual light is made from a 3 pieces of solid milled aircraft grade aluminum which is cut formed into the elegant shape that allows for excellent heat dissipation from the enclosed Sealed 6w CREE LED light. As with most LED lights they generate heat during operation and feel warm while on, this is normal and does not get warm enough to burn or cause damage so no worries there, they are safe. The 3 aluminum pieces screw together with rubber gaskets for a 100% waterproof seal from the outside elements. The LED light can be submerged under water without problems or can be left outside in the rain, hail, snow, mud, what ever weather you come across it will be fine. The most fragile part of the light is the front glass lens where the light is emitted, this is thick glass and can take a beating and should last a lifetime under normal use. Other 12v Lighting options are on the market that are made out of plastic which easily cracks when handled the wrong way which is not good for the long run, its usually using a less power LED light which means less power, and every other option on the market is not waterproof which is less than idea for outside use.

One of the coolest features of this lighting setup is the flexible tripod base with strong magnetic feet which allows you to manipulate and attach the light to just about anything you can find. The tripod is stiff enough to to allow you bend the light to just about any position you need to get the light distributed to the area it is needed most. As you can see from the pictures there is usually a way to attach the flexible tripod to various different objects like tree limbs, round objects big and small, vertical or flat metal objects, just about any surface is usable to support the light with a little creativity and this is the feature we find most beneficial. All the other lighting options did not provide such a versatile and convenient mounting option that basically allows you to attach the light to just about anything you can find around you. if you need the light spread far and wide then place the light high somewhere, if you need it low then just sit the light down on its tripod base and angel the light where you need it. If you are inside a house then just point the light up at the white ceiling and the whole room is lit up without having the look directly into the LED light. The mounting possibilities are endless and you are only left up to your imagination.

The Light can be powered from a DC power source that supplies 9v-15v DC power. The Light consumes 5.5-6 watts of power continuously, this is about .55-65 Amps @ 12.8V DC. The power is supplied via the included Cigarette Lighter Adapter that can be plugged into any regular 12v Cigarette Lighter Adapter Outlet. The Cigarette Lighter Adapter has a built in green LED light that illuminates when 12v power is available once plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet. The end of the cigarette lighter adapter cord is a 15 amp Anderson Power Pole Connector that can be plugged into the mating dual Anderson Power Pole connector coming off the LED light. The LED light has a wire coming off the back that has a dual Anderson Power Pole connector which accepts the incoming connector that is supplying the 12v DC power to run the light and the 2nd Anderson Power Pole connector is available to plug in a second 6w LED light in a daisy chain configuration which allows for more lighting options and configurations to meet various needs.

Most CFL lights run on 120v AC power and this can be dangerous in wet environments due to the nature of 120v AC power that can be deadly if touched by a living animals and people in wet or dry environments and because of this one factor it was not even an option for us. The second major disadvantage from our point of view is that CFL lights contain toxic mercury inside the glass light and when broken this is released and is dangerous. Since the CFL lights are made of Glass they are not very rugged and just about all of them are not waterproof so that's another huge downside if you need or want to use lights outside where it is eventually going to rain or condensate which raises the risk of electrical shock and failure of the CFL lighting electronics. CFL light bulbs are efficient but if you are using a portable solar power system that provides 12v DC then you usually have to use a 12v to 120v AC inverter to provide the 120v AC power the most common CFL light bulbs require. The 12v to 120v AC inverters are usually only 80-90% efficient at converting 12v to 120v AC power and because of this they are less efficient than LED lighting where non power conversion is needed. CFL lighting is the cheapest option available but it does come with the above less than ideal issues. 

 If you want to know why the price seems alittle high its because alot of work goes into making these lights in the manner you see them. The lights are tested to be waterproof, the inner reflector is locked in place so its centered perfectly, the tripod flexible base is machined into place, the dual anderson power pole connectors are installed after the light is produced, the 12v Cigarette lighter socket is a high quality Marinco adapter, putting this all together takes time and we are currently making these in low quantities until demand increases due to market awareness. This is one of those custom designs that demand a premium because of the labor involved building them correctly.

Currently these lights are made in smaller batches as needed, production and assembly times will vary depending on if the lights are currency in stock or not. Delivery time can be anywhere from immediate upon payment up to 4-8 weeks. If immediate delivery is needed please contact us via the "Questions" button on the left side of this window and we will let you know how early we can ship your order. 

If you have any questions about the LED lights please click the "Questions" tab on the left side of this screen send us your info and we will get right back with you. 


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