12v Hi Power Fan For Portable Solar Power Systems

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Here is a powerful, high volume, portable 12 volt fan using an automotive type motor and twelve inch blade that operates at three speeds. Air movement of up to 900 CFM (cubic feet per minute) equivalent of a constant 10 mph wind introduces a major breakthrough in 12 volt portable fans. Portable it is! 

Standing only fourteen inches tall on retractable legs and less than four inches deep it travels and stores easily and weighs under five pounds.

The fan can be powered by any 12 volt power source such as automotive lighter outlets, connecting jumpers to any 12 volt battery. 

Power Requirement Specs...

Low: 15 Watts or 1.25 amps @ 12 VDC
Medium: 27 Watts or 2.25 amps
High: 35 Watts or close to 3 amps

This fan is equipped with an attached 12 volt plug and cord. The uses for the fan are literally endless! Boats, tents, campers, sleeper cabs, horse trailers, power failures and the family car, van or SUV are a few of many applications.

It's a small lightweight portable yet powerful 12v fan that moves a lot of air on all 3 of its fan speed settings. Its efficient as far as the power it requires to move the amount of air that it does which is important when using it with a portable solar power power generator where there is usually limited power available during the day and night, the more efficient the fan is the longer it will run when hooked up to a portable solar generator. 

We have tried a few different fans on the market like the O2 Cool fans that do consume less power but unless you are right up against the O2 Cool fan your not really going to feel much or get much relief at any distance over 2.5ft away. The O2 fans are OK if your just going to put it right in front of you while working at a desk or while your sleeping but when you need a stronger fan that moves a lot of air at a distance then you want the Hi Power fan we are showing you here. 

• Weight: Under 5 pounds
• Dimensions: 14 1/4” H X 13 1/2” W X 3 5/8” D

• UL Certified

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