12v Digital Stove

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 This Digital Portable Stove to Go allows for greater cooking control, higher temperatures, and larger capacity. Use it as a stove, oven, or slow cooker! Make casseroles, soups, stews, hot dogs, and heat sandwiches, leftovers, or frozen meals.

The Stove To Go makes cooking on the road easy by helping you prepare delicious meals while on the go. Building on our original Stove To Go, this digital model allows for greater cooking control, higher temperatures, and larger capacity.  Use it as a stove, oven, or slow cooker!  Make casseroles, soups, stews, hot dogs, and heat sandwiches, leftovers, or frozen meals. 
  • Two cooking modes: Heat or Temperature
  • Digitally adjusts temperature for more flexibility
  • Can reach temperatures up to 350°F within 30 minutes
  • Collapsible carrying handle on top
  • Hot and healthy meals on the go
  • Keep warm function
  • Removable pan and steaming tray
  • Digital LCD control panel
  • Cool to touch exterior when oven is on
  • Non-stick aluminum cooking pan, easily removed for serving & cleaning
  • Interior pan is made from polymer (food grade) and is FDA approved
  • Comes with a 6 foot power cord
  • Outside Dimensions: 11.75" x 8.5" x 7.87"
  • Power Consumption: 150-175 watts
  • Uses a 20A glass fuse
  • Weighs around 6 lbs.
  • One year warranty

So convenient and portable you won't want to leave home without it!

Below is a customer review:

I'm a product manager and I travel mainly in a mini-van east of the Mississippi as I have to take demonstration equipment with me to show customers. I brought the original Max-Burton Stove To-Go to use in my mini-van and hotel rooms as I need to keep a close eye on my diet. After many years of good use I decided to go ahead and buy the New Max-Burton Digital Stove To Go with the Max Burton 200W Converter (for hotel room use).

First, many hotels are very fussy about cooking appliances in guest rooms as they are concerned about smells and odors not to mention the risk of fire. Because my first Max-Burton Stove To-Go is a completely enclosed unit, cool to the touch outside during cooking and heating; it fit the bill perfectly. Also, unlike most 12 Volt appliances which self-destruct after the second use; the original Max Burton Stove To-Go just kept going and going.

My new Max Burton Digital Stove To Go arrived last week. As with most 12 Volt appliances I was skeptical about the quality of the product; that was before I took it out of the box for the first time. As I took it out of the box, I was surprised at how solid the unit felt. The buttons on the front felt solid, the lid latch felt solid and it has a low center of gravity helping to prevent it from tipping over when braking in the car or truck. Upon opening the lid, there is a small steaming basket and the non-stick coated aluminum pan which has two small plastic handles on it to help prevent you from burning yourself. Now it was test time.

My first test was to boil a cup of tap water. I plugged in the Stove into the Max Burton 200W Converter, switched on the converter and the Stove; and a small red light came on over the power button. I pressed the power button on the Max Burton Digital Stove To Go and that was when my next pleasant surprise came about. From seeing the pictures and the reputation of most 12 Volt appliances, one of the last things I expected to see is that the LCD Temperature display is back-lit! It has a nice blue back light making it easy to see the temperature and that it's switch on in the dark. The Stove has two modes, temperature mode where you can set the maximum temperature from 100 Deg. F. to 350 Deg. F. in steps of 25 Deg F. and heat mode where it will just heat the contents upto 350 Deg. F. I used heat mode for all three of my tests. The Burton Digital Stove To Go boiled the cup of tap water in 20 minutes. Not too shabby for a 12 Volt device. My next test was to sauté a small amount of chopped onion and green pepper with a small amount of cooking oil in the bottom of the pan. Again on heat mode, I waited until the unit reached 250 Deg F. (about 17 minutes) and added the onion and green pepper. Total time to sauté, 30 minutes during which the temperature reached 325 Deg F. Very good. My next test was the next day after the stove cooled back down to room temperature. I heated one of those new bagged skillet meals that you buy from the freezer section of the grocery store. Mine was a meal for two and was completely frozen. It took the stove an hour to heat the meal to hot (very hot) and I did open it four times to stir during heating. Still very good for such a low power device.

On the design front, I noticed a few more features during my testing. First, it has a completely different heating element from the original stove. The heating element is disk shaped with a spring loaded thermostat in the middle. The aluminum pan sits right on top of this heating assembly. Also, it has a built in steam vent in the lid (the original stove didn't have any vents) and it has an outer lip to capture condensation preventing water or other fluids from reaching the heating element. Over all, a well thought out design. The only down side is that the power cable gets warm when in use.

In closing, the new Max-Burton Digital Stove To Go is a huge improvement over the original design. No need to use aluminum meat loaf pans or oven bags for cooking, it gets hotter than the original stove and you can control the maximum temperature the stove reaches. It's a lot more versatile and you can make more on the road recipes with it.


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