sCharger-12 a High Performace 14w USB Solar Charger

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Introducing the latest in high power USB solar charging. The sCharger-12 provides up to 14 Watts of instant solar power direct to your USB tablets and iPads including other USB devices.

  • Solar charges at wall charger rates

  • Auto-retry to keep devices charging

  • Two USB ports for dual charging

This is the most Powerful USB based solar charger available today.

Up to 14 watts (2.8 Amps) of overall power to meet your high power charging requirements – even in less than ideal weather conditions.


The sCharger-12 has enough power to run and charge simultaneously USB compatible tablet devices including the iPad line. Like the sCharger-5, the sCharger-12 charges most all popular USB devices including iPod, iPhone, HTC / Droid, Nooks (Color) and Kindles (Fire), Game devices or any other portable device. Another great feature of the sCharger-12 is its ability to charge two USB devices at once.

Example solar charging applications:

  • Up to 14 watts of overall power to meet your high power charging requirements – even in less than ideal weather conditions

  • Charge and use two devices simultaneously

  • Outdoor events, Camping, Boating, Fishing, Picnics, Ball games

  • Use it to reliably solar charge your device when there is no power available

  • Emergency power and disaster power relief. Most of the time cell phones still work when the grid is down

  • Lose your wall charger? Why not start charging from solar?

sCharger-12 Description

Designed and built with the same reliability and durability as our famous sCharger-5. We use only the best quality parts and highest efficiency cells available. High efficiency solar cells help keep the sCharger-12 compact in size yet output high amounts of power. The sCharger-12 can max out at 14 Watts. This comes to 2.8 Amps of charge capability. Completely compatible with iPads. 


Competitors lack sufficient solar power in their panels to direct charge personal devices thus include an internal battery pack that must be charged first.  Without an operational battery pack, they are just another low power solar charger with limited capability.  Their battery packs take 8 -15 hours of non-operational device usage time to charge in full sun, then the USB battery is used to charge your personal device.  Why not avoid these delays, costs of batteries and the burden of disposal when the batteries wear out?  The sCharger-12 needs no internal battery to wear out to create toxic waste. Go green now with the sCharger-12!

If you are looking to charge your USB device, don't be caught off guard with the many 12 volt solar chargers out there. They are not optimally setup to do USB charging. Some require their own special battery or they require a DC converter to convert 12 volts to 5 volts that USB devices require. This comes out to less power and your iPad or tablet will have a hard time charging.


The sCharger-12 will charge an iPad(1,2) in ~3 hours an and iPad3 in ~6 hours or basically at wall rated speeds. Another great feature is it's ability to charge two USB devices at once. If you want to charge an iPad and an iPhone at the same time no problem. They will both charge at the same time at full speed.

The sCharger-12 incorporates a lightweight folding design and comes with (2) Standard "A" type USB ports. It can fit into a large purse, bag or backpack. 

Other uses include charging AA/AAA batteries with a suitable USB charger available on the market.  And if you really need that backup battery for your phone or tablet, there are affordable USB batteries all over the place that can be charged from the sCharger-12 as well.

You can recharge the following batteries with these additional adapters:

  • Charge AA & AAA batteries with this Smart USB charger - Amazon Link
  • Charge CR123A batteries with this Smart USB charger - XTAR MP2 - Ebay Link
  • Charge 3.7v Camera Batteries with Smart USB charger - Video - Amazon Link
  • Charge 2 USB Devices at the same time with this Y adapter - Amazon Link

sCharger-12 USB Solar Charger Features

  • Most Powerful USB based solar charger available today!
  • Charges direct from the sun to your device at wall-rates and without USB batteries!
  • Auto-retry to address charging resets caused by clouds!
  • Waterproof and most durable construction in its class!
  • Folding compact design – take your sCharger-12 everywhere!
  • Optimized Circuitry that is also sealed from the elements!

sCharger-12 Specifications

  • Standard USB "A" connectors
  • USB output: 5V, 2.5-2.8 Amps.  12-14 Watts, Seasonal
  • Dimensions: Open: 11.5” x 14.5” (29cmx 36.5cm) Folded: 11.75” x 7.25” (30cm x 18cm)
  • Indicators LED, surface mount circuitry
  • State of the art flex circuits
  • Weight:~ 14 ounces (400 Grams)
  • Handles temps up to 160F (71C)
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Patent Pending

You will need to use your existing USB charge cable that came with your device.  If you do not have the cable, they are available everywhere. With proper use and care, the sCharger-12 will last for years.

Satisfaction guaranteed!


  • If you aren't satisfied for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full refund.
  • 1 Year Express Limited Warranty



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