Solar Powered Generator

We offer cutting edge solar powered generator systems that allow you to turn sunlight into electricity anywhere on earth that the sun shines. If you need a way to generate power while your off grid or just want to be prepared for a emergency situation where normal power sources may become unavailable our portable solar powered generators are the perfect solution. 

Our systems use the latest LiFePo4 (LFP) battery technology which means you be making a wise investment in our systems because our batteries provide up to 10x's longer life usable lifespan over other battery options, not to mention they are 100% safe and will not ignite or explode if punctured like Lithium Ion battery packs. Our systems are the lightest on the market because we use the latest LFP battery technology which means our systems are up to 60% lighter compared to our competitors systems. 

Buying a solar powered generator with LFP batteries is the best choice if you want a system with the longest usable lifespan, in the lightest over package, with the added benefit of knowing that the battery is made from non toxic ingredients and is not dangerous if the battery happened to get punctured accidentally. 

Check out our systems below and if you have a specific need please contact us by using the "Questions" button on the left side of this webpage or call us @ 1-765-517-1210

6 Watt Portable Solar USB Phone Charger
sCharger-5 is a Powerful 5 Watt Compact Solar Charger
12 Watt Portable Solar USB Mobile Cell Phone Charger
sCharger-12 a High Performace 14w USB Solar Charger
LFP 10 Portable Solar Power Generator
LFP 10 + Plus - Portable Solar Power System
LiPo 50/50 Portable Solar Power Generator System
LFP 17 Portable Solar Power Generator System
LFP 40v3 Portable Solar Generator System
LFP 80 Portable Solar Power Generator System
LFP 100 PRO - Portable Solar Generator System
Basecamp 2K - 2000w Portable Solar Generator System
LFP 20 Portable Solar Power Generator System
Helios 2800w Portable Solar Power Generator System
LFP 180 Portable Battery Power Packs