Helios 2800w Portable Solar Power Generator System

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 This is our most advanced and powerful portable solar power system we have created to date. We call it Helios after the old Egyptian sun god. This system can supply 2800 watts of AC power continuously until the batteries are drained. The AC power is Pure Sinewave so its the same quality or better than what the power company supplies you with.

This system can accept up to 1250 watts of solar power input that can be used to power AC or DC loads directly or to recharge the attached battery bank. The solar input utilizes MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology which maximizes the solar harvest from the attached solar panels under all weather conditions. MPPT solar panel tracking can net you up to 30% more harvest over the course of a day compared to a system not using MPPT solar panel tracking. 

The system has a built in 125 amp / 1750 watt battery charger to quickly recharge the battery bank from any AC power source like grid power or power from gas generators. Simply plug an extension cord into the AC Charging Input port and the system will begin charging the battery bank. The AC power input will also pass through the power to the AC output ports during and after the battery bank has been recharged. 

There is a AC Transfer switch built in so the system will act like a backup power supply which will keep the battery bank charged and supply power to the AC output ports when grid power is normally available and as soon as the power is lost it will instantly start supplying power from the battery bank without the connected equipment noticing anything has happened. 

There is built in automatic cooling fans that keep the built in electronics operating as normal even when the case is closed. The fans will turn on at 100F and then turn off when the temps reach 80F. 

The really neat feature of this system is the main control display which supplies all the critical information about the system and its current state of operation. See the pictures to get an idea of the type of information that is supplied. All the critical functions can be controlled by using this master control panel. 

More info is coming and if you are interested in this system or have more questions please call or email us: Ryan @ 765-517-1210 - Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz

Technical Details:

Helios 2800w Portable Solar Generator System

  • 2800w 120v Pure Sinewave Inverter - 3200w for 30 Min's - 4800w Surge
  • Automatic Forced Air Cooling - Operates with case open or closed.
  • 80 Amp - 1250w - MPPT Solar Panel Renewable Energy Input. 
  • 125 Amp - 1750w - 120v AC Battery Charger 
  • GFIC Protected AC Outlet Prevents Electrocution. 
  • Locking Deltran Solar Energy Input connector port. 
  • Dimensions for this case can be found here: Pelican 1620
  • This case weighs 100 pounds.

 LFP 180 Battery Module

  • 180 Amp Hour - 2.3 Kwh - 12.8v Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery.
  • Digital Battery Monitor Displays - Voltage - Current - Time To Go Until Empty - State of Charge
  • 250 Amp - 2300w Maximum Output @ 12v DC via 2 Heavy Duty Power Terminals.
  • 1 Cigarette Lighter Outlet provides up to 200w @ 12v DC. Protected by Auto Reset Breaker.
  • Simple One Button - ON/OFF/Reset Switch turns power output ON and OFF as needed.
  • Dimensions for this case can be found here: Pelican 1440
  • This case weighs 75 Pounds.

Portable Solar Panels

  • 120w Glass Portable Solar Panels
  • Built in Tilting arms to properly align the solar panels towards direct sunlight.
  • 4 Stake down points to secure the panel to the ground in windy areas. 
  • Simple, quick plug and play connectors for easy setup. 
  • Panels fold up and lock in place for transport and have a nice carry handle. 
  • System comes with a 50ft solar panel connector cable.
  • This system can handle 10 x 120w Portable Solar panels to max out charging ability.
  • The solar panel weighs approx 25 pounds. 

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